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Au Pair Cork

The European Au Pair Agency offer a dedicated au pair Cork service for families who are looking to benefit from flexible childcare solutions.

Welcoming an au pair into your family home will bring great benefits to the lives of you and your children as well as giving au pairs from across Europe the chance to discover Ireland and improve their language skills.

We work closely with families in Cork to find suitable au pairs from European countries such as Austria, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

Families will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Assisting with homework

  • Bringing children to their school

  • Children's laundry

  • Helping children get ready for school

  • Light house cleaning duties

  • Play and activities

Our team understand the importance of ensuring both au pairs and families enjoy a positive experience during their respective homestays and that both will mutually benefit from the experience.

Finding a young woman or man who will be able to build a strong rapport with your children is something we take very seriously to ensure their integration into your family life is as seamless as possible.

The au pair Cork placement experience enables individuals from all over Europe to improve their language skills in an English-speaking country, explore Ireland and assist their assigned families with day-to-day childcare needs.

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Why You Should Consider Our Au Pair Cork Service

  • Affordable

  • An extra pair of hands

  • Educational and cultural benefits

  • Flexible childcare

  • Friendship

  • Less stress

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does the placement process usually take?

    This will depend on the family request. It can sometimes take as little as one week or up to four to five weeks. Getting the right match for every family is really important to us.